Saturday, June 6, 2009

3 months old and loving my first book!

Well, Isaiah is already 3 months old! I thank God for our incredible gift from God. He is so much fun. I am so thankful that God blessed our lives with such a special little boy!

Today Jason, Isaiah, & I were shopping & I came across this book. I thought, well I want to buy him a book but I am not going to get it yet unless he seems interested. I opened the book & started showing him the pictures and he got all excited! We bought it for him & he looked at the book & even started "talking" when I was reading it to him in the car. We were reading to him again before bed time & I had to get some pictures to share. He is such a sweet, adorable, smart little boy!! Yes, I am his mommy & I am very biased! :-)


  1. Wow! I can't believe he's already 3 months old! Love those big eyes as he's reading his book! What a little doll!!

  2. Beautiful photos of Isaiah!! He is on his way to being a genius due to his newly found interest in books ;) I love the photo in his dedication outfit.