Sunday, August 2, 2009

21 weeks

Isaiah is 21 weeks old. He is now rolling over from his back to his stomach & from his stomach to his back. This keeps his mommy quite busy! He is always trying to drink from our water bottles or cans of soda & will no longer take a bottle. I recently got him a sippy cup & he loves it! He is already trying to hold it by himself. :-)


  1. He is sooo cute Valerie, I love those big, dark eyes. I can't believe how quickly they grow...already makes me sad! I was looking at the most recent scrapbook mag. the "back to school" edition and felt so sad. I told John "I am just not ready for him (our baby) to go to school." He thinks I am nuts, he started laughing and said "probably a good thing as he isn't even ready to be born yet." He is right of course, and I am pregnant and emotional but I still had to defend myself. I said "You laugh now, but just wait, it is going to seem like today we are going to birthing classes and tomorrow we are taking him to college."

  2. Hey Valerie! You have such a cute Son!!! Plus you are a wonderful mother & daughter!!!

  3. GREAT pics, and WONDERFUL write-up! I'm VERY proud to be Isaiah's pastor! :-)
    LOTS of LOVE,
    Pastor D.