Sunday, December 20, 2009

41 weeks

On Saturday (December 19th) we went to our good friends house, the Galusha's. Jack, Lisa, Hanna, & Emma have been good friends of ours for several years. I picked Hanna & Emma up from school, took them to activities, etc. for about 2 years. They are such a sweet family and have become like family to us. We have started having Christmas with them every year. The pictures below are of Isaiah opening his gift from them. He loved it! We had spaghetti, garlic bread, salad, and desserts. We opened gifts and played several games of uno flash. We had a great time!!

As you can also see, we had snow. It was Isaiah's 1st snow! We still have a little on the ground because it has been so cold!! I wish it would snow on Christmas but right now they are just saying it's going to be rain. :-(

Last Thursday, We got a battery operated 4wheeler and a highchair from Tawana.(Thank you Tawana!!) Isaiah loves the 4wheeler, he is so cute with it! He has learned how to push the gas and make it go, but he doesn't know how to put it in reverse or steer yet. He likes to sit in his high chair and eat cheerios and other snacks and watch his dvd. It usually keeps him happy for about 30 minutes depending on his mood!! As you can see, he fell asleep in it a few days ago. He had been fighting sleep for hours and I guess he got his belly full and just gave it up!! :-)

It's almost Christmas!! I'm sure I will be posting lots of pictures. We have been so excited about Isaiah's 1st Christmas! We are going to pick up Jason's parents tonight from the airport. He will have his first Christmas with all of his grandparents here. (They live in CA) They will be staying until January 4th.

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